Everything is more beautiful
because we’re doomed.
You will never be lovelier than you are now.
We will never be here again.
━ Homer, The Iliad
Her room by Kara

Her room by Kara

Hole in a rock by Steve Seeley

Hole in a rock by Steve Seeley

"Things I told the internet, but didn’t tell my mom" by Anna Ladd

Seven months later and I thought I’d check in on you all! I had my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday so I’m on a strict ice-cream and House of Cards diet for the next week.

Instead of the usual platitudes, what has been the biggest change in your life over the last seven months?

I know I haven’t updated in a very, very long time but I’d just like to say that I got into Nottingham University! A-Levels were beyond stressful and were the bane of my life but now they’re over forever and I’m going to university. I actually bloody well did it!

As I type this, my mum is currently planning on all the trips she’s going to take to Nottingham (every weekend she says) and how many towels I’m going to need.

I hope that if you received exam results today or applied for university, that you’re happy with the outcome and if not, don’t worry about it! Grades don’t reflect who you are, they reflect a single performance on a single day of your life. Things have a way of sorting themselves out for the best.


As contradictory as this is probably going to sound, I’ve decided to carry on posting only when something lovely and big has happened in my life.

So, here goes. I’ve been given an offer from Nottingham University! It’s my first choice so I wouldn’t mind at all if any of the other universities I applied to didn’t want me. My mum’s happy because it’s only two hours away by train, and she really enjoyed the campus when we went (I think she’s planning weekly visits already).

I met John and Hank Green on Sunday! I went to a talk John was holding about The Fault in Our Stars (if you haven’t read it already, PLEASE do), and Hank was there too to sing many of his brilliant songs - Book Eight is definitely my favourite. The two hour wait for the signing was more than worth it for the short time I got to talk to them both, where I mentioned how I brought my mum with me and she now thinks they’re incredibly funny, to which John said he was happy that people of other generations like him too.

This Saturday I’m off to France for the week to see my French exchange and work in a primary school. I think I’ll miss my dogs the most. Them and beans on toast.

I swear, my life has never been this exciting before.

I’ve been on this website for just over three years now, and in that time I’ve met wonderful people and discovered some brilliant things (I owe Breaking Bad to you all). I was 15 when I made my very first Tumblr and I’m almost 18 now. I shared my opinions, advice, my loves and my heartaches. I feel like I’ve changed and grew more than I could ever have imagined, and I owe part of that to all of you. I’m not going to delete my blog because I would undoubtedly regret it moments later, I’m sure of it. Instead, I’m not going to post anymore (don’t be surprised if I get the sudden urge to share something with you), but I’ll check up on my favourite blogs every once in a while. I hope you all have lives full of kindness and laughter.

Here’s to the next three years of my life.

It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read.
━ Lemony Snicket